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 The year 2019 remained the year of opportunity for us. The team's growth mindset supported us to think beyond the box. Moreover, we were naturally different but determined to jolt the ideas to do the work differently.

Eventually, the team proposed various business plans on the table. It took a long time to have an outcome as we were having disgusting and sometimes very fruitful discussions.

Then, in the beginning, we had made a focused plan to look for the accounting and the related services to the company. From nowhere, we got something to commence. It was exciting when we got the first file. And that excitement did not last for long because our beginning turned out to be the beginning with COVID-19 too. We and COVID-19 marched on: COVID-19 made the march pass outdoors and we remained indoors.

The determined team members carried the client's file and other accessories to the home and started the work from home. That was the best part of the business. We could be more focused on the work and make constructive plans for the future.

"What is kept in a name?" the saying is very common to us. But to give the company name, we had to brainstorm a lot. Our motto was to be more connected to the customers and clients rather than have only the business attachment. So, we thought the clients must be our worth because they are our assets. Also, each client can be the best marketing platform for us. Hence the clients are our network. Finally, out of nowhere, we named the company NETWORTH TAX NETWORK.

We were five in the beginning and at present, we are four as the key shareholders. We have a big picture to make changes in the accounting and business of Nepali business arena by being the catalyst, mediator, moderator, trainer, consultant and many more. We are not limited by the title of our jurisdiction but keep on transforming ourselves as a company to the next level according to the time and need. Our concern is to platform the opportunities for those eager to learn and grow with us in the accounting and business sector.

Not having a long journey of our company, we remain successful in establishing the branch in Banepa, Kavre to showcase our performance and credentials in accounting and business.